Further evidence of Ho Duy Hai’s alibi and brazenness of legislator Do Van Duong

After the statement of national legislator Do Van Duong “morning glory,” lawyer Trinh Vinh Phuc had to say that Duong is wanting to kill Ho Duy Hai. The latest statement of Mr. Truong Hoa Binh, a member of the National Assembly of Long An Province and incumbent standing deputy prime minister, also received many negative comments on social networks.

Mr. Truong Hoa Binh used to be the Chief Justice of the Supreme People’s Court and also went up from a senior police officer, then to the director of Ho Chi Minh City People’s Procuracy, then to the Deputy Minister of Public Security, and then to head the Supreme People’s Court. In general, Mr. Truong Hoa Binh’s background and promotion process is very similar to those of Mr. Nguyen Hoa Binh, the incumbent chief of the Supreme People’s Court.

The two chief justices Truong Hoa Binh (left) and Nguyen Hoa Binh both went up from the police sector. During the time they worked, the number of deaths in the police station increased, torture cases of corporal punishment are common and unfair convictions are spread from South to North

When these men held the supreme position of justice, the unjust conviction spread throughout the South to the North, but these Supreme Court justices did not remove the unjust conviction for anyone. Today, the public will only consider their through justice thinking for Ho Duy Hai.

Regarding Mr. Truong Hoa Binh’s speech, the journalist Trung Bao has a commentary titled: In order to get the court’s decisions respected by people.

During a meeting with voters in Long An province, , when being asked about the Cau Voi Post Office case, national legislator Truong Hoa Binh quoted Chairwoman of the National Assembly Nguyen Thi Kim Ngan as talking about Ho Duy Hai as follows.

We have no basis to say injustice or not, but the principle is to respect the ruling of the court, a civilized society must always respect the ruling of the court.”

With this statement, the wrongful determination of the Cau Voi case is still being placed on the table by the National Assembly.

However, with the documents that have been published recently, it shows that the investigation and trial processes of the courts have many issues that need to be considered. That is why the Judicial Committee of the National Assembly decided to refer the case to the Standing Committee of the National Assembly for review.

However, national legislator Do Van Duong, a deputy chairman of a NA’s committee, has a text sent to senior leaders with the will to oppose the above. He soon condemned Ho Duy Hai with arguments that were shown to be false from reality.

Courts are legal representatives and are governed by the rule of law. But running the court is human and not always the will of the people coincides with the will of the legal documents because life is not paper.

Respecting the decision of the court means using current laws to review the decision, in accordance with the legal process. That’s what people wait from the National Assembly’s Standing Committee.

Legislator Luu Binh Nhuong with a parliamentary statement saying: “Never before has the reputation of the judiciary been as low as now”

In order to ensure that the judgments are always correct, there should be no omission in the investigation process. When there are any signs of errors in the proceedings that affect the outcome of the trial, it is necessary to review the entire process by re-investigating it to ensure compliance with the law. Even if you have to cancel the sentence to re-investigate to ensure the correctness of the proceeding process is also necessary. At that time, no one could talk about the injustice in the verdict sentenced by the court.

Therefore, although the court’s ruling must still be illuminated in the light of the law, it cannot be taken as true. Especially when it comes to human life, Trung Bao reached a conclusion.

A reader made the following comment: I would like to say something to Long An-based legislator Truong Hoa Binh that what our people need is the supremacy of the law, the supremacy of the constitutional right of the people according to the constitution, that is civilization. As for civilization as you say, I think you are too subjective and arrogant.

The court is also just a judicial body, it is also run by humans. The judgments are right or wrong, and mistakes there are sometimes unavoidable. A civilized society that sees wrong, must admit errors and must correct, must have a discriminatory attitude, listen to social criticism. However, I, as well as all good Vietnamese, do not see your civilized behavior in Ho Duy Hai case.

To tell the truth, when I thought back to the saying “careless but didn’t change the nature of the case”, I felt creepy in my body. Is that civilization? No, that’s not it, it is a brazen impudence … You just do your duty, leave civilization and Vietnamese can take care of themselves.

Mr. Do Van Duong, who met Ho Duy Hai in prison and asked Hai, “Van and Hong who is more beautiful?” – Van and Hong are the two female victims who were brutally murdered at Cau Cau Post Office.

Facebook Le The Thang made a comment about the brazen, pathetic as a “pervert” of Mr. Do Van Duong, as follows:

Do Van Duong, also known by the nickname “the morning glory“. In 2014, he was a member of the supervising delegation of the National Assembly Standing Committee, met Ho Duy Hai in the detention center.

Contrary to her colleague, Ms. Le Thi Nga, Do Van Duong gave Hai very strange questions, deviating from the purpose, responsibility and value of the unjustly supervised delegation. Duong then used these answers to steer, capturing that Hai pleaded guilty, Hai was guilty.

Duong asked: do you suggest early death?

Hai answered: I suggested to die early, because being imprisoned like this very difficult life

But with this answer of Hai, he took it to make emotional and intentional conclusions that Hai wants to be executed because he is guilty. Then, this time, he continued to plead guilty to Hai with those silly arguments.

But that is not all. Of course, it is “sick” when he asked Hai an unnecessary question that (2 victims) “Van and Hong who is more beautiful?”

On his personal Facebook page named Vo Tong, Master Vo Van Tai – former deputy director of the People’s Procuracy of Tay Ninh City, currently a lecturer at the Ho Chi Minh City Procuracy, based on the first statement of Ho Duy Hai, he made the remark that:

There has been solid evidence of falsificating the case documents and wrong conviction of innocent people, in this case Ho Duy Hai.

With the information that he received, there were three main comments made: one is clear evidence of Ho Duy Hai’s alibi, the other is evidence of falsifying records, the third is prosecuting criminal responsibility for those who are not guilty, that is, the intentional criminal prosecution for Ho Duy Hai is also the criminal crime prescribed in Vietnam’s Penal Code.

An experimental image of the investigation of Ho Duy Hai ransacked the table to rob property. But the scene there was no fingerprints of Ho Duy Hai

The article of Vo Tong Facebook is as follows:

At the end of the cassation review of Ho Duy Hai case, the public raised doubts about the lack of objectivity, impartiality, and trial in a “more serious” manner than the “conviction” of Long An Court and the Higher People’s Court in Ho Chi Minh City (formerly the Court of Appeal) and the Council of Judges, the Supreme Court. It must be said that the widespread psychological discontent towards the ‘unknowingly’ the police investigation agency captures particularly important evidence in proving the true killer (such as a cutting board, knife, sports newspaper); Other important traces (such as fingerprints, sandals, bloodstains on the aisles and patios, injuries on the victim’s body, etc.) are not exploited responsibly and seriously; then the scene examination was not comprehensive, not checking the floor of the post office was very sloppy, did not carefully examine the place where the crime occurred, and quickly assigned it to the Post Office to clean up. Haunting … Although harshly condemning the “primary” violations of the police investigation agency, but most of the people interested in the case did not dare to conclude that: Ho Duy Hai is innocent.

The ideas of the fate of Ho Duy Hai will be decided, but no, “People count not by God!”

Still, insiders who are conscientious, brave and unable to accept such absurdities have leaked pictures of the scene and corpses, both experimental images and important written statement; and must really thank the brave and fearless reporters who turn out “deadly” evidence in turn, like a knife stabbing deeply into the hearts of those who yesterday bragged that they were always justice, objectivity and a pledge to protect justice, people like Ho Duy Hai must be properly punished with the death penalty, not mercy, if any, for the victims’ families …

And there are more powerful people, besides eloquently protecting the work that heaven and earth intolerance (which contributes to the death of innocent people), along with the threat that those who try to ignore protection for Hai is deliberately distorting in order to defame the image of leadership and the judiciary.

Regarding the Ho Duy Hai case, national legislator Truong Trong Nghia (left) argues with his colleague Pham Hong Phong that: “Do not borrow the specter of hostile forces to attack people’s commenters.”

It is true that the threat has partly worked to make many people fear, but it does not prevent the truth, more and more evidence is beneficial for Hai to be posted on social networks, real images of the crime scene, the withdrawn testimonies (such as Dinh Van Coi, Le Thanh Tri, Ho Van Binh, and Mr. Long), made the sounds of the executioners weakened, and came to petition, the testimony rejecting the accusation of Ho Duy Hai at the first-instance trial and the appeal was also brought to light, making those who preach about justice like choking their throat.

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