Intrigued Nguyen Van Nghi in Ho Duy Hai case has real name Nguyen Huu Nghi

Nguyen Van Nghi, who was once mentioned as a suspect in the Ho Duy Hai case, was confirmed by Long An Police as his real name is Nguyen Huu Nghi, who is selling car insurance. However, Nguyen Huu Nghi was born in 1984 and resides in An Vinh Ngai Commune, Tan An City Long An, while Nguyen Van Nghi has been determined by the press since January 16, 2008, was born in 1979 and resided in Cai Lay Tien Giang.

Nguyen Van Nghi and Nguyen Mi Sol are the two subjects mentioned much in Ho Duy Hai case.

At one point, Nguyen Van Nghi was reported by the People’s Police newspaper as one of the first suspect in the murder case in Cau Voi Post Office in 2008. Nguyen Van Nghi was known as the “boyfriend” of the victim Nguyen Thi Anh Hong at that time.

The picture on the left is a document of the Long An Provincial Investigation Agency determined from 2016 that no one is Nguyen Van Nghi but only Nguyen Huu Nghi. The picture on the right is Nguyen Van Nghi in Cassation sentences have just been pronounced.

However, a “fuzzy point” in the case is that Nguyen Van Nghi completely disappeared in the case file, causing many people to constantly wonder about this guy.

According to information published in the press at that time, suspect Nguyen Van Nghi resided in Tan Hoi commune, Cai Lay town, Tien Giang province.

However, according to the press, there was no person named Nguyen Van Nghi in Tan Hoi commune. According to Dan Viet: Commune authorities have overthrown nearly 4,000 households but have not found the identity of Nguyen Van Nghi.

Meanwhile, in the Giao Thong newspaper, answering this problem, the police of Long An province confirmed that nobody named Nguyen Van Nghi in Cai Lay town was involved in the Ho Duy Hai case, only Nguyen Huu Nghi, living in the An Vĩnh Ngãi commune, Tân An City in the file.

The newspaper quoted Colonel Pham Thanh Tam – deputy Director of the Provincial Police Department: After the murder case of two female employees of Cau Voi Post Office happened on the evening of January 13, 2008, the investigating agency in many directions, verification includes: Robbery of murder, jealousy of love, personal conflict.

Thereby, the investigating agency determined that there was an object named Nguyen Huu Nghi residing in Hoa Ngai hamlet, An Vinh Ngai commune, Tan An city (Long An) and Nguyen Mi Sol (born in1984, living in Vinh Tien hamlet, commune). Huu Thanh, Tra On district, Vinh Long province).

The two subjects have an emotional relationship with the victim, so the investigating agency convened its first working session on January 14, 2008.

Colonel Pham Thanh Tam cited: In the minutes of the testimony of Nghi and through the verification of the witnesses confirming his alibi.

Colonel Pham Thanh Tam (right) – deputy director of Long An Province Police Department

Because, about 19.30 (this is the time the murder at Cau Voi Post Office was said by the local police to happen) on January 13, 2008, Nghi stayed at home to drink coffee and play cards with Mr. Nguyen Thanh Nhan (born in 1981, the house opposite to Nghi House) and Mr. Nguyen Van Tron (born in 1969, near the Nghi house). At 21.00 the same evening, Nhan and Mr. Round went home to rest.

Both of them signed a memorandum of understanding with the investigating agency that they had been drinking coffee and playing cards with Nghi during that period,” Colonel Tam said.

Talking about the reason for not filing Nghi’s case in the case, Colonel Tam said that, through testimony and evidence verifying that Nghi and Sol had very clear alibi showing they are not related to the case, the police investigation agency did not include them in the case file.

However, Nghi’s files have been kept at the Police Department of Long An Province since then. And through verification, Nghi is still residing in the region and is opening a travel service and selling car insurance.

We confirm that the above case no one named Nguyen Van Nghi in Cai Lay town is related to the Ho Duy Hai case. Only Nguyen Huu Nghi, living in An Vinh Ngai commune, Tan An city in the file … ,” Colonel Tam affirmed.

Perhaps all the explanations for ignoring suspect Nguyen Van Nghi of the Long An Police Department are due to Nghi’s alibi, and this evidence is the testimony of two witnesses. However, there are still a lot of other questions that the public has not calmed down such as:

– Details determined close to the day of the crime: “Ms. Nguyen Thi Phuong, a fruit seller at Cau Voi, also said that Van went to buy fruit that night and gave money from Hong’s boyfriend, who came from Tien Giang.” The guy from Tien Giang was Nghi, not Ho Duy Hai.

– Although the indictment mentioned Nguyen Van Nghi’s name and ascertained the presence of Nghi on the night of the crime, all records related to Nguyen Van Nghi have disappeared, why the Council of Supreme People’s Court judges of the cassation did not see the thing unormal?

– The young man named by the Police of Long An now has the name Nguyen Huu Nghi, not Nguyen Van Nghi. So are the names Van Nghi and Huu Nghi belong to the one whom was noted and interrogated by the investigating agency at the beginning of the case? Because Nguyen Huu Nghi was born in 1984 and resided in An Vinh Ngai Commune, Tan An Long An City, while Nguyen Van Nghi was born in 1979 and resided in Cai Lay Tien Giang.

– “Why not let Nguyen Van Nghi identify Ho Duy Hai? Why not examine Nguyen Van Nghi’s fingerprints? These are very unusual things,” lawyer Tran Hong Phong asked a question in Tuoi Tre newspaper.

From a more important point of view than a supply of evidence, the confirmation of the testimony proving Nguyen Van Nghi was an outsider was weaker than the scene without Ho Duy Hai’s fingerprints, at the same time the investigation record was not confirmed whose fingerprints are, that of Nghi, of Sol, or of others …

On his personal Facebook page, Vo Tong, Master Vo Van Tai – former deputy director of the People’s Procuracy of Tay Ninh City, now a lecturer at the Ho Chi Minh City Procuracy, said that based on the fingerprints at the scene police can track down the culprit and this person cannot be Ho Duy Hai.

Rare scene image published with a bloody chopping board next to the victim’s body, such important evidence that the police lost and replaced with a cutting board bought at the market, may find that the Investigator’s mind has serious problems, or it can be speculated that they intentionally destroyed many evidences for some purpose

From the conclusion of the case, according to Criminal Science, there will be a lot of fingerprints everywhere, fingerprints on the knife and cutting board (Police investigators did not seize these two items,” Tai raised the issue.

The perpetrator was found to have strangled Ms. Hong, according to the logic on Hong’s neck there will be signs of the killer’s fingers; when using the knife to cut Ms. Hong’s neck, blood splashed all over his hands and body, next, the assassin took the chair and beat Ms. Van’s head, then carried Van’s armpit to Ms. Hong’s arm, then he took the chair to near the place, while his hands were covered with blood, the incident shows us that there will be fingerprints on the chair and on Van’s shirt; he ransacked the victim’s property, then those places would have fingerprints. Finally, the fence, the culprit climbing over the fence appears to have a great chance of having his fingerprints on the fence.

Police investigators did not collect all the fingerprints in the places I listed, and the investigation process and the comparison of the fingerprint samples obtained, none of which is Ho Duy Hai. I would like to ask the proceedings of Long An Province, the high level and the Supreme Court of Justice, can you tell us what to base on the conclusion that t accused Hai is the killer?

It is a strange the argument that the defendant pleaded guilty and there is no basis to say that the defendant was given a bow or corporal punishment so sentencing him to death is correct,” Tai further commented.

Lecturer of Ho Chi Minh City Procuracy, Master Vo Tan Tai

Do you still remember the cases using corporal punishment in Tuy Hoa city, Phu Yen? In the middle of the night, the Investigation police in Tuy Hoa came to his house to arrest Mr. Ngo Thanh Kieu and explained that he was involved in a theft of property. It seems that he determined not to confess so he was beaten to death. The autopsy showed his body had over 60 clearly shaped wounds and numerous unclear wounds.

However, the investigation only determined police officer Nguyen Than Thanh Thao used a police baton (a specialized tool of the Police) to hit a few (one on the head caused victims of brain injury) while the other four officers admitted that they were hitting 1 or 2 times in a non-dangerous place. So, in summary, these 5 people only beat on 10, and the remaining dozens of wounds were not determined from whom, perhaps Mr. Kieu hit himself?

Previously, I had 3 years of conducting the task of controlling the detention of criminals by the police, when conducting a comprehensive inspection of the places where criminals were kept, I asked the wardens to open each cell to let me ask each person in detention if they have a complaint or accusation that they are subjected to corporal punishment, several times, detainees report that they have been subjected to corporal punishment. They said they had been beaten a few days earlier, the bruises had faded, so there was no obvious trace. Even if the wound is still new, I cannot find whether police have used corporal punishment or not.

For a simple reason that very few (almost no) prisoners (those serving imprisonment sentences should be allowed to leave the cells to work and clean up) are willing to testify that the officers beat. At the very most, they just said they heard loudly but didn’t know what; And those who are being held in custody in a cell, it is not helpful if ask them because they have not seen anything. For investigators and warders, we do not need to ask because we know what they would say.

So, according to you, if Ho Duy Hai says being tortured, will you investigate and clarify that issue? (Translated)

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