Dong Tam case – Nguyen Phu Trong cheated by To Lam and Nguyen Xuan Phuc?

General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong and Mr. Le Dinh Kinh who had 58-year party membership

The 84-year-old Le Dinh Kinh, a Communist Party of Vietnam (CPV)’s member, believed strongly in the General Secretary’s anti-corruption incineration work, but in the end he was brutally executed by the special task force of General To Lam.

Regarding the Dong Tam massacre, many people still could not believe that Mr. Nguyen Phu Trong also wanted to kill his comrades, so they waited for Mr. Trong to show him whether he was the villain or if he just got cheated by To Lam and Nguyen Xuan Phuc.

Looking back on the two general secretary’s terms of Mr. Trong after taking the two positions (general secretary, president), Mr. Trong’s anti-corruption works went smoothly.
Many of the firewood that came into the furnace included the Politburo member, something that all other general secretaries have yet to do. Many people respect him and consider him as a great king.
However, most of the cases taking wood into the furnace are too late.
The wrongdoings that have been dealt with have occurred in the past one or two terms, the offenders have been promoted to higher positions or retired by age.
The consequences of corruption and losses have been piled up into huge public debt, the exhaustion of resources and serious environmental pollution.
Moreover, the amount of firewood burned by Trong’s furnace is still too small compared to the destruction that about 4 million Communist Party members have caused to the country.

Regarding Dong Tam case, lawyer Ha Huy Son lamented “What laws of the human race allow police to kill people in their house without having a Court sentence?”

Even in the current leadership system, there are people who are called worms and firewood with activities against the country and the people, and they are still harming the nation.

The Cat Linh – Ha Dong railway, dozens of BOTs are dirty like scabies on the skin of the country, coal-fired thermal power plants are still polluting.

An educational system degrades both the intellectual and the moral aspects. …
A city of Hanoi piled up the interest groups taking profits from people’s lives and environment from treatment of To Lich river of water supply by Song Da and Song Duong companies
Ho Chi Minh City with the wound of Thu Thiem when taking thousands of households on streets for decades …

Maintaining that institution, using dictatorial power to fight corruption is just covering the sun while the head of the country, Mr. Nguyen Phu Trong is too old.

An 84-year-old old man, a 58-year party membership who once suffered a broken leg, was again attacked by by around 3,000 policemen at night. Police reportedly threw tear gas grenades into his house before brutally beat, shot and killed him, and later labelled him as terrorist.

Assets and documents were seized and appropriated without following any formal procedure. In law, this act of murder and robbery cannot be an act of a civilized state.

Worse still is the morality of the Vietnamese, meaning that death means meaningless.
When people died, so much hatred should also be removed, but Mr. Kinh’s body was dissected, evaluated with Mr. Kinh’s daughter being forced to sign the records to slander his father. The money for funerals of Mr. Kinh was also blockaded.

The Communist Party in Vietnam always propagates according to what Ho Chi Minh taught, party members must keep the unity in the party like keeping the pupils of their eyes. All police officers are party members, all study the example every year, but still killed his comrades savagely.

Scattered everywhere in the house of Le Dinh Kinh, taken by Dr. Nguyen Quang A and published on his Facebook

Party members can be tried only after being disciplined by the party.

Many party members such as Duong Chi Dung, Trinh Xuan Thanh and Vu Dinh Duy, who stole trillions of dong, still enjoy this order and have the opportunity to escape abroad.
Although the struggle and complaint for protecting agricultural land in Dong Senh has been going on for many years, old party member Le Dinh Kinh did not commit any crime and has never been disciplined by the party.

Even after his previous broken leg, he was visited by the police general at the hospital.
In every speech, Mr. Kinh was always loyal to the party and believed in Mr. Trong’s program in the fight against corruption.

Before and after, Mr. Kinh always proved that he and Dong Thuan Dong Tam team followed the general secretary’s call for anti-corruption.

Dr. Nguyen Quang A, who visited Mr. Kinh’s family recently said “After carefully examining his bedroom and the evidence there, we can confirm that he was killed by terrorists in his house at the early hours of Jan 9.

It should be noted that: The behavior of the central police in dealing with elderly party member Le Dinh Kinh has trampled on the party charter.

Until today, Vietnamese and foreign people are still unclear, what causes the General Secretary of the ruling party to allow the police to kill its member illegally.

It is unclear because of lack of information or because of health or for some reason, Mr. General Secretary Trong has absolutely no idea about the tragic, unjust death of the party member with 58 years of its membership.

In contrast, President Trong signed the decision to award the medals to three police officers who died when participating in the shooting to kill Mr. Kinh.

With this approach, some people like journalist Luu Trong Van assumed that Mr. Trong was cheated in Dong Tam case.

It was also pointed out that the name of the authors of this trick were Minister To Lam and Prime Minister Phuc to push Mr. Trong into the right hand of indigo, and they also achieved the goal of appropriating 59 hectares of land. of Dong Senh.
People still remember Mr. Trong once mentioned the word humanity when he halted the burning process before the Lunar New Year so that the corrupted officials could not be sad before Tet.

Perhaps this time he mercilessly killed Kinh on the day before Tet.

Minister Lam quickly promoted the ranks of the 3 police officers who died from falling when police attacked Dong Tam while Prime Minister Phuc gave them the tittle martyrs and joined Deputy Prime Minister Truong Hoa Binh to attend a state funeral for them.

The Dong Tam massacre has made a very bad reputation for the face of the Party and the state with the international public opinion, creating bad consequences for foreign relations.

The altar of Le Dinh Kinh

The more people lost confidence in the country, the more resentful the party and the government ruled in the cruel, inhuman, defying legal, ethical.

More important is relations within the party. The low-ranking party member like Kinh is the fate of the majority of the more than 3 million party members today.

Or they are forced to think that the general secretary and the whole Communist Party are the kind of bloodthirsty greed that can pay, killing their comrades without disgust for the sake of their small profits.

Could Mr. Trong still be proud of the leader of the party, the state of other nations seeing him as a bloodthirsty dictator leading a party of a few wolves and a flock of sheep?

The most urgent message that people still lingering for Mr. Trong is Dong Tam.

He must correct errors, apologize, vindicate the family of Mr. Kinh and the people of Dong Tam, must properly handle the illegal acts at any price.

In Vietnam, when the information is hushed up by the party and the state, hiding the truth from the people across the country, the crime against the people will increase.

Over 90 millions of Vietnamese people know that, they have ignored the propaganda and demagogues from the state to build their own wide network of connections on social networks, helping each other to overcome the dark period that the Communist Party has caused in the homeland of Vietnam

Trung Nam from Da Nang – (Translated)